I am Gijs.

I am an interaction designer who loves to work with light

What do I offer?

Interactive design.

The user is able to control the lighting through interaction. This interaction can be conscious or unconscious as various ways of input can be chosen. This way the user is in control of the effects.

Dynamic lighting.

Movement gives another dimension to lighting. In stead of solely fulfilling a functional purpose light becomes alive and is able to communicate to the user through movement, providing a lively atmosphere or communicating information.

Armature design.

Whether the light is dynamic or static it needs a home, called an armature. With these armatures I can play with light and shadow, to find a balance between the different parameters of the light.

Let's get in touch!

Do you have an idea or request regarding light that you would like to develop, don't hesitate to get in contact!

A glimpse into my projects

Let's see where the light will guide us!

I would love to hear about your ideas! Write me a message with your ideas or ask me to meet up for a coffee or a call.